PV Two 2 Tablets - £5.00
BZ Ten 10 Tablets - £22.50
PV Liquid 16 Shots - £32.00
PV Liquid 1 Shot - £4.00
PV One Hundred 100 Tablets - £125.00
PV Ten 10 Tablets - £22.50
BZ Liquid 16 Shots - £32.00
BZ Liquid 1 Shot - £4.00
BZ One Hunderd 100 Tablets - £125.00
BZ Twenty Four 24 Tablets - £48.00
BZ Two 2 Tablets - £5.00

What our customer say

Blue Zeus helped by sex life. I'm middle aged and needed something to supplement my drive. I hated prescription drugs, but this really made a difference. I would recommend to anyone.

I tried Blue Zeus as it is suitable for vegetarians. The results were very pleasing. I would definitely say that I felt more vigour and my energy levels were better than usual. I have tried both the tablets and liquid shots, overall I prefer the tablets but the shots were also good.

Having reached 54, my sexual drive had diminished. I took the Blue Zeus tablet after reading about it on-line. I wan't sure what to expect but I felt really good and was able to perform very well. I keep a pack of 10 in my bed side cabinet.

My partner and I both take the tablets. I find the Pink Venus tablet really helps me get in the mood. I always drink with a glass of water and have never felt any side effects.

I tried the Pink Venus liquid shot and was impressed.  It tastes sweet and slightly herbal. My cheeks flushed red after about 20 minutes and I enjoyed great sexual pleasure.

I have been taking Blue Zeus as a supplement for several years.  Having tried other products, I would definitely recommend the tablets as they work well for me and do indeed help me maintain sexual stamina.

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